• Loosens tensions and increases stamina
  • Practiced in martial art as well as Chinese medical circles
  • Gracefully balances Chi in the body with slow & coordinated movement



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" - Tell me, and I’ll forget

- Teach me, and I’ll learn

- Involve me, and I’ll remember "




Tai-Chi is a graceful and slow choreography of movements that calms the mind and tonifies the body. Tai-Chi and QiGong are often taught together. They both originate from China, and were developed centuries ago by martial artists, Taoist / Buddhist monks, and traditional Chinese doctors.


Tai-Chi is usually considered an internal martial art. Tai-Chi forms are sets of moves that can have a combat application when performed fast. Tai-Chi was developed in China probably 500 years ago, leveraging the philosophy of Yin & Yang in its martial applications. Efficient and powerful combative moves are achieved through relaxing the body and calming the mind. It is like when playing golf: with a scattered mind and a tight grip on your club the ball will go nowhere. By slowing down every move and aligning their joints, limbs and back, Tai-Chi practitioners attain relaxed coordinated movements and peace of mind, leading to martial effectiveness. At the same time, through gentle move, an open body and a calm mind, our life force also called Chi begins to flow freely. This is why Tai-Chi positively impacts health in a profound way when practiced regularly.


QiGong also uses gentle moves that promote free flow of Chi, as well as holding postures and breathing techniques. The focus with QiGong is more on health (and less on martial applications). QiGong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But because a healthy Kung Fu athlete performs better, QiGong is also practiced together with Tai-Chi by martial artists. In fact, many of the QiGong postures and moves can be broken down into combative applications as well. In essence, relaxed breathing and a posture where all joins are anatomically aligned allows for relaxed muscles, favours movement efficiency, calms the mind, increases resilience, and is conducive to free flow of Chi. The ancients say that practicing QiGong and Tai-Chi increases longevity.


Our teaching of Tai-Chi and QiGong is part of an original curriculum called "Tai-Chi and 15 Minutes to Health". This program gives students several routines that can be performed in 5 to 15 minutes, and is suitable to everyone. All routines have been carefully selected for their health benefits based on my clinical and athletic experience, as well as what is needed to manage stress and keep up with the high pace of most jobs today. They focus on breathing, coordination, and opening of the Chi meridians. Students are encouraged to pick the routines they like the most and develop a daily practice of 10-15minutes (or more), as such routines can have a very positive impact on health.


The "Tai-Chi and 15 Minutes to Health" program includes:


Level I:

Level II:


For more information on this curriculum and the classes, click here.


How can this help with relaxation, health as wells as athlete's performance?

Slow exercises have been developed in China many centuries ago to help martial artists stay in good health, to heal diseases, and for Buddhist monks' spiritual development. The premise of the Chinese health system is that our vital force permeates our entire body, providing vitality and supporting all body and mind functions. This vital force or energy is called Qi, pronounced "tchi", and also spelt Chi or Ki.

Tai-Chi and QiGong are slow exercises with deep breathing, graceful movement and relaxed motor control that improve oxygenation and help Qi flow freely in our body. Free flow of Qi calms the mind and also promotes good health. Understanding the martial application of each posture and move enables you to position your body more accurately, with more relaxation and proper joint alignment. As a result, the form will have optimum benefits on health because energy will flow freely. Also, athletes report that they are able to bring Tai-Chi key principles into their discipline and improve their performance, for example with golf, running, tennis, karate etc.



Sample Pictures:

Stand like a mountain:

you will learn how to achieve
proper spine alignment

making you effortlessly stable & balanced,

and improving back health.




Slow and flowing movement

promotes deep breathing

and improves circulation,
increasing oxygenation

of the brain,

calming the mind,

and toning up the body.