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Jan. - March 2018
one-hour weekly class:

 Mondays 12:15pm in Waterloo

Mondays 5:45pm in Kitchener
Tuesdays 5:45pm in Waterloo

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Full  Winter Living:
Learn how to feel good with QiGong and TCM when others may have the winter blues!

A special workshop in Waterloo
Saturday February 24th, 2018

KW Pilates, 22 King Street South, Waterloo

Winter is a great time to relax and cocoon by the fireplace. Learn slow movements & relaxation practices to enhance your everyday life, discover a wealth of useful info, to feel good in the winter: diet, meditations, mindset and lifestyle, according to thousands of years of Chinese medicine.

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The previous Season workshop was full, make sure you register early!
Our next season change workshops will be on April 28th (spring & summer).



Full Autumn Living:
QiGong and TCM to enjoy a smooth season change!

A special workshop in Waterloo
Saturday October 14th, 2017

KW Pilates, 22 King Street South, Waterloo

Slow movement & relaxation practices for your daily life in the fall, plus a wealth of useful info that will help you understand how the seasonal cycles affect our body and our mind, and assist you in this change!

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Note: this event was full

"Daily Tai-Chi for our 5 EMOTIONS"

A special workshop in Waterloo
Saturday February 18th, 2017

Explore of how emotions influence our mind, body, and internal organs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern science.
Learn Tai-Chi and Mindfulness practices to balance them!

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"Daily Tai-Chi for a Better SLEEP"

Join our new 2-class program
Sat. Feb. 25th + March 4th 2017

Achieve better sleep and have more satisfaction during the day. 
Get in-depth support to de-stress both mind and body!

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June 4th, 2016

Gentle meridian stretches, restorative Yoga, and slow flowing slow QiGong / Tai-Chi moves, fused with Mindfulness practices.
Recharge your batteries
before the summer!

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"The difference between how you feel before class, and after class is truly remarkable!  I join during my lunch break, and get back to work calm, and with a much better concentration.

CI,  Software Engineer, early forties.

"I am completing almost a decade with Patricia’s program this year and have gained tremendous benefits toward dealing not only with managing my joint/muscle pain that seem to have appeared as I am aging , but also in the maintenance of day to day functioning of the body/ mind and soul. 

S. V-G. 79 year-old retired U-Waterloo Professor who kindly wrote this letter.

"I find you to be an excellent teacher because you have the ability not only to very clearly break down and explain each move, but I've learned so much from you about why my muscles work the way they do, and why they need to be moved in particular ways.

Also, even though I was never good at sports, you've given me the confidence in moving my body for my benefit - and enabled me to learn the exercises that I can do very easily on my own no matter where I am. I always feel better from doing them.

Thank you! "

BW,  professional seminars Facilitator in her mid fourties.

"Tai Chi is known for its gentle way of body movements. Now that I am in my eighties, this appeals to me.  It has been about 18 months since I started and I found I have benefited in several ways.  With the emphasis on shifting our weight, my balance has improved, and so has my breathing.  Under the excellent guidance from our teacher Patricia Beretta, we develop more awareness of how certain movements interact with the wellness of our bodies, and even of our brains.  I am grateful for having been introduced to this form of exercising."

AO - a happy grand-mother.



Join our Program "Daily Tai-Chi and 15 Minutes to Health".

Beginners welcome, suitable to all!

This session will continue introduce and review our keystone Tai-Chi forms and principles. Exercises are short and easy to learn, they provide great health benefits. They are rooted in millennial Chinese health practices, as well as a deep understanding of bio-mechanics. You will learn new ways to use your body/mind to gain relaxation, flexibility, balance, stamina and inner strength. 



"a Month to REJUVENATE with QiGong", 4 Classes:

QiGong is pronounced "tchi-gong" and its slow movements help you relax while loosening your body and calming your mind. Easy to follow, the sequences we will practice have been designed to benefit your low back, as well as your Kidneys, bones, immunity and increase your energy. We will alternate QiGong with mindfulness meditation, meridians stretches, and outline Traditional Chinese Medicine principles for health and longevity.

Fall Weekly Monday Classes:

The fall session teaches you your first Tai-Chi sequence (or form), and makes you familiar with the Tai-Chi approach to posture and movement through key founding principles. Right away, you will have something you can practice both in class and on your own! Videos are available to make your own practice fun and enjoyable.

Forms: Joint Loosening, Dr Yang Jwing Ming Taiji QiGong, 4 Directions 5 Elements Tai-Chi, Taiji Foundation QiGong, introduction to the first section of the Old Yang long form.

Foundation Principles: standing in WuJi (spine alignment aka "Flowing Back": hip joints relaxation, soft pelvic muscles, dropping tailbone, suspending head from above), weight shift with hip track, arm track, carried motion, differentiation of waist and pelvis.

Winter Weekly Monday Classes:

The winter session continues with simple Tai-Chi forms and founding principles. It emphasizes the health benefits of Tai-Chi more. In addition, a special Meridian Stretches series shows you how to open the meridians used in acupuncture with 6 stretches adaptable to all levels of flexibility. Videos are made available to make things easier and more enjoyable.

Forms: Joint Loosening, Meridians Stretches, 4 Directions 5 Elements Tai-Chi, 5 Organs QiGong, Taiji Foundation QiGong, con't first section of the Old Yang long form.

Foundation Principles: review principles from fall program, "Invisible Stretch" (freeing fascia, loosening connective tissues, opening joints), balance, 6 harmonies.

Spring Weekly Monday Classes:
The spring session goes deeper into Tai-Chi forms and founding principles. In addition, you will learn a special QiGong to benefit the eyes with simple moves and gentle massage of acu-points. Videos are made available to make things easier and more enjoyable.

Forms: Joint Loosening, Spring QiGong for the Eyes, 4 Directions 5 Elements Tai-Chi, Taiji Foundation QiGong, first section of the Old Yang long form.

Foundation Principles: review principles from fall and spring programs, microcosmic orbit, resting & supporting, peng & an.

A 15-minute daily practice of Tai-Chi will have a very positive effect on your life, making you feel good, loose, calm and energized!

Our weekly one-hour classes are suitable to all, with carefully selected Tai-Chi and QiGong sequences. They are easy to learn and immediately enjoyable, yet can take a life-time to refine and perfect. They give you a choice of things to do on your own, based on your own style and preferences. You will enjoy your weekly class, with top-quality instruction, and a friendly group. Plus you will experience the amazing benefits of a regular practice at home, by designing your own  "15 Minutes to Health".


All are welcome to these classes!

Participants totally new to Tai-Chi and people with prior experience

have equally benefited from these original programs.


Our program 'Daily Tai-Chi and 15 Minutes to Health' focuses on short exercise routines (5 to 15 minutes each) that you can easily take home with you. They have been carefully selected so that practicing them daily increases stamina, reduces stress, and loosens tensions.


Learn short routines based on over two millennia of Chinese health traditions,

Experience for yourself how Tai-Chi's relaxed movements improve balance, enhance body/mind coordination, and promote deep breathing.

No prior experience is required, this program is suitable to all, whatever your age or fitness levels.


Allergies and Sensitivities

Some participants in these classes have sensitivities:

We do our best so that every one can have an enjoyable experience joining our classes. We kindly ask you to refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, scented hairsprays and other scents to the classes. If you commonly wear perfumes etc, your winter jacket and scarf might also carry the chemicals that could trigger an asthma attack. But don't worry, sensitive participants have their puffer handy at all time. We would appreciate if you could hang scented clothing outside of the class room if you did not realize they might be scented too. We practice in a large room that can be ventilated, so things have always worked very well. If in doubt, please still come! Thank you for your understanding.



When Should I Join:

Anytime, absolutely anytime, even in the middle of a session! You can join a whole session, take a half-session pack, or come on a walk-in basis anytime.

Classes are designed to always include a large amount of time practicing sequences and drills that everyone can follow, even if it is their first time. Tai-Chi has so many layers, that if you have joined for several years, you will still learn something new and refinements about things you have done before. The class design also ensures that core principles are regularly introduced or practiced again. This way, we have been enjoying mixed level participants for several years, where everybody benefits from new questions, as well as the perspective from experience.

Why should I attend?

You will explore how relaxed coordinated movements help center the mind, relieve stress, benefit health, and improve athletic performance.
Several short and easy-to-learn exercises will be taught, including a Tai-Chi form and QiGong routines. Instruction material is provided to help participants continue practicing on their own. This program is more suitable to adults, but we found that motivated teens also enjoy it a lot!


Patricia Beretta developed an original wellness system based on Tai-Chi and QiGong, providing busy professionals and parents with a feasible self-care program to relax and recharge their energy. It is also very enjoyable for seniors seeking to improve balance and vitality. With an enjoyable practice of 10 to 15 minutes daily, anyone can experience a real difference and cope better with life's stressors.


Who can Attend?

No prior Tai-Chi experience or any other form of exercise is needed. Exercises are simple and suitable to all. They are enjoyed by people who never exercise as well as by athletes and martial artists. Adjustments will be shown if you find some positions or moves inadequate for you. The only assumption is that you can stand and move around for over an hour at a time. You should in any case check with your doctor whether Tai-Chi is suitable for you.


Class size:

The number of participants is limited to ensure the highest level of instruction. Thank you for registering as soon as you can!

We enjoy walk-ins as long as there is space available.


How Should I Prepare:

Make sure you wear loose comfortable clothing. You can practice barefoot, with socks or indoor shoes as long as they are comfortable and provide the right level of support and grip. Indoor shoes tend to be more comfortable in the winter season. For examples of footwear, click here. Enjoy a light dinner prior to joining, but avoid a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the class. Bring your favorite drink in a closed container. A few props from the gym will be used during some of the classes.


Sensitivities, Allergies:

We do our best to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone. Some participants can be very sensitive with severe allergies to common scents and cosmetic products. To make it possible for them to join, would you mind not using perfume or scented lotions etc. This would be greatly appreciated, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


About the Instructor, Patricia Béretta:

The pace of corporate life in the biomedical sector made Patricia Béretta develop a regular routine for stamina and stress relief. With a short Tai Chi sequence she found that she could recharge and relax in only 10-15 minutes daily. Patricia then trained as a Shiatsu Therapist and Acupuncturist. She studied exercises and stretches that open the main energy pathways of the body, and began to meditate regularly.

This original curriculum was designed using her athletic and Tai Chi experiences. Patricia also leverages her clinical skills and brings together a series of gentle exercises that significantly help with stamina, body tension, and stress.