Compassionate care

from Le Shiatsu:


Listen: spending the time needed to understand the full picture of your health and related life situation.


Customize: refining a treatment plan to your specific needs.


Involve: making you appreciate how to take charge of your health and wellness maintenance.



"It is more important to know

what sort of patient has the disease

than what sort of disease the patient has."

Sir William Osler

Acupuncture, Shiatsu, as well as customized lifestyle adjustments provide an effective way to deal with a large variety of health issues, with a focus on prevention. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the foundation of both Acupuncture and Shiatsu. TCM considers the body and the mind as a whole and addresses them simultaneously. In my practice, I see people from all walks of life: sufferers of challenging chronic conditions and pain, stressed professionals, busy mothers and pregnant women (also including women health and fertility challenges), athletes, young adults, seniors, people adopting a natural health maintenance program etc…


I base my therapeutic approach on the three following pillars: listen, customize, involve.



Time is spent reviewing your health history and current issues, including onset, tests, symptoms, as well as your emotional state. We make sure you understand how Western medicine explains your issues when we can, and how TCM connects with your experience, what the root causes of observed imbalances are, and what can be done about them with therapy and with self-care. Listening is an ongoing process with continuous discovery and refinement. As my instructors said: “your patient is your best teacher”.



Each person is unique. With TCM and the human touch of Shiatsu it is possible to connect to each individual, and provide a treatment tuned to their specific issues. For instance a headache can result from an excess of energy and from blockages (like in a pressure cooker), or conversely come from insufficient energy and nourishment to the head (like when your hands hurt as severe cold prevents circulation). For this reason, what may look exactly the same in Western medical terms (e.g. a  tension headache) can have different possible causes, requiring a rather different style of treatment with Shiatsu/Acupuncture. Each treatment is adjusted to the individual's constitution and health state.



There is seldom a quick fix available externally. It takes your own internal involvement to move along your journey towards good health. Le Shiatsu 's approach is to involve you by connecting you with the nature and cause of your health imbalances. Understanding is often a major healing force as the person can now take charge. The treatment approach will be articulated, and often requires persistence. Issues that have been there for a long time can take weeks to months to naturally rebalance. Lifestyle adjustments customized to your specific situation will be discussed. The reason Tai-Chi is also taught at Le Shiatsu is that it is an enjoyable practice to restore and maintain health, and promotes a harmonious flow of Chi in our body/mind. It is a valuable companion to my therapeutic treatments, and a key part of my own self-care.