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with Patricia Beretta, PhD, RAc:



Full Autumn Living:
QiGong and TCM to enjoy a smooth season change!

A special workshop in Waterloo
Saturday October 14th, 2017

Slow movement & relaxation practices for your daily life in the fall, plus a wealth of useful info that will help you understand how the seasonal cycles affect our body and our mind, and assist you in this change!

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Join our special workshop
Sat. Feb. 18th, 2017

Explore of how emotions influence our mind and our body, using the model of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Learn Tai-Chi and Mindfulness practices to balance them!

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Join our new 2-class program
Sat. February 25th
+ Sat. March 4th 2017


Achieve better sleep and have more satisfaction during the day. 
Get in-depth support to de-stress both mind and body!

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June 4th, 2016

Gentle meridian stretches, restorative Yoga, and slow flowing slow QiGong / Tai-Chi moves, fused with Mindfulness practices.
Recharge your batteries
before the summer!

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Sept. - Dec. 2017
one-hour weekly class:

Waterloo: Mondays 12:15pm

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Experience the gentleness
and power of Tai-Chi:

Learn short routines that
loosen tensions,

calm the mind, and increase vitality.



Design a regular wellness program,

that you will enjoy day after day.



Also an ideal self-care companion to the therapies offered by Le Shiatsu.



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"I would like to thank you very much for being such an excellent teacher, and providing a peaceful and interesting environment in which to practice Tai Chi.  I hope to attend future classes with your group.  I will watch future listings for available times.  Thank you also for the emails you send to your students, providing additional information about Tai Chi - they are also most helpful.  You are a most patient and talented teacher. "

CR - Accountant in her early fifties.



To Register email patricia(at)LeShiatsu.com, or call 519-496 8973

With her Biomedical Engineering background, her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), her clinical skills as a Registered Acupuncturist, and her own life experience as a busy professional, Patricia Beretta, PhD, RAc, develops very unique workshops. Patricia creatively combines Tai-Chi with related practices, for instance Mindfulness, and Yoga. She often brings other specialists to make your workshop experience even more exciting!

A unique opportunity to experience the benefits of Tai-Chi, explore themes related to the traditions Tai-Chi is rooted in, and understand how it works using modern medical sciences, as well as ancient Chinese traditions about health.


UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Saturday October 14th, 2017, in Waterloo

QiGong and TCM to enjoy a smooth season change!

Slow movements, relaxation practices:
learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine
can assist you in the season change,
be inspired and energized in the fall!

- This event is now full -
Stay tuned, we will offer more season change workshops.

In this 90-minute workshop, we will explore how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers that following the natural rhythms of the seasons is essential for good health, both physically and emotionally. Each season brings a different phase in life and inside us, with its specific needs for the body, internal organs and emotions. Autumn is a time of harvest, when we reap off the fruits of our hard work and past experiences. It's time to let go of what won't serve us anymore, let in fresh air and only what serves us. In the fall we get ready for the introspection that will eventually come with the winter.

We will discuss how to adopt a lifestyle and practices that help us enjoy the fall and harmonize with the season: gentle QiGong movements, stretches, meditations and breathing practices, nutrition, where to prioritize our attention, etc.

Alternating presentation of TCM principles, with discussions, QiGong & Tai-Chi movements, stretching, and meditation, this inspiring workshop will give you a new perspective on how to harmonize your life according to nature and its seasonal rhythms. You will leave relaxed and rejuvenated. You will take home information relevant to your daily life, as well as handouts and videos to remember the practices you've learned!


Your Inside-Out Solution to Physical and Emotional Stress

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Discover how our emotions affect our body and internal organs.
Learn to calm the mind and balance the body with Tai-Chi and Mindfulness!

In this 90-minute workshop, we will present the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) related to mental & emotional health:  each of the 5 main TCM Internal Organ resonates with a particular emotion. We will see how emotional stresses can affect internal organ balance, and vice versa. For instance, worry and anxiety are a form of "mental indigestion" and can cause digestive symptoms. We will learn how emotional stress can be balanced by simple Tai-Chi and QiGong moves, as well as with Mindful practices.

Alternating presentation of TCM with Mindfulness principles, discussion, QiGong & Tai-Chi movements, and meditation, this inspiring workshop will give you a new sense of self-understanding, and will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. You will take home information relevant to your daily life, as well as handouts and videos to remember the practices you've learned!



Bye bye mental fog, sleep like a log!

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A sleep program to help you feel refreshed and energized!

Two classes, and in-depth support
to achieve better sleep and have more satisfaction during the day!

This program helps you understand what may affect your sleep,
and provides you with a wealth of practical tools to monitor your progress and feel great.

Learn practices to de-stress and relax!

We will assess then review where you are and support your progress. Evening and daytime practices that are important for sleep quality will be discussed and put into practice for your specific situation. You will enjoy gentle Tai-Chi and QiGong movements that relax your body and make you feel more calm & grounded. Meridian stretches balance your internal organs, and bring you into a perfect state for deep sleep. You will learn Mindfulness practices that bring your brain and nervous system into an optimum relaxed state.

Each class will leave you relaxed, and deeply calm, and make you feel in a better place to adopt a lifestyle conducive to sound sleep. You will take home information relevant to your daily life, with a handout and videos of the practices you've learned, and much more!

This course includes:

  A pre-assessment and progress tracker

  A review of sleep issues and how to address them

  Mindfulness practices, proven to improve brain health, and quiet the adrenaline response

  Gentle QiGong and Tai-Chi flowing movements to soothe your body and calm your mind

  Meridian stretches that balance internal organs according to Chinese Medicine

Your welcome package includes:

  Mindfulness Practice Cards

  Videos of the QiGong/Tai-Chi moves and the  Meridian stretches

  Notes and interesting readings



Enjoy two hours of flowing & slow QiGong & Tai-Chi moves, meridian stretches, restorative Yoga, hands-on healing and mindfulness relaxation.

Recharge your batteries, and move into the summer feeling calm, loose, centered, and resilient!

In this 2-hour workshop, we will give ourselves time to slow down, breathe, practice moves and stretches that loosen our body, and open our mind and spirit. In this original combo of Tai-Chi, Yoga, and Mindfulness, you will learn meridian stretches that harmonize the meridians of Acupuncture, as well as restorative Yoga postures related to them. We will explore how meridians, internal organs, stretches and flowing moves can balance physical and mental health, according to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). To support you and deepen your experience, benevolent hands-on healing and adjustments to your posture will be provided by the instructors. We will deepen our exeprience through different mindful focuses, bringing our attention to relevant aspects of our mind and body throughout the workshop.

This transformative workshop will leave you relaxed, deeply calm, centered, rejuvenated, ready for the bloom of spring, and full of energy for the summer. You will take home information relevant to your daily life, with a handout of the practices you've learned!


Patricia Béretta, PhD, RAc

Tai-Chi Instructor, Shiatsu Therapist, Registered Acupuncturist

Patricia leverages her biomedical science background and Traditional Chinese Medicine expertise to teach seminars and weekly Tai-Chi classes. She is a past Board Member of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and co-editor of its journal. Patricia seeks to inspire people in their own health and wellness journey by developing a daily Tai-Chi practice of 15 minutes or more, empowering each person to create their own ‘Fifteen Minutes to Health’.


Tracy Rowan

Tracy has been a Holistic Family Counsellor since 2006. Tracy offers Counselling and Mindfulness Practice Sessions, and teaches classes about Mindful Practice. She also hosts a semi-annual Mindful Retreat. Tracy created a website called Mindfulstickpeople.com to bring Applied Mindfulness (Self-Reflection) to a wide audience. Tracy has been practicing Reiki for ten years, and enjoys exploring the connection between free flowing energy, and state of mind/body. http://mindfulstickpeople.com

Carla Beharry

Carla is a Registered Yoga Teacher, with a background in homeopathic medicine. She combines her knowledge in anatomy, botanical medicine, and mindfulness to teach dynamic and engaging yoga classes to a diverse population. Carla is an avid practitioner of pranayama breath work & meditation, and incorporates these conscious breathing practices into all of her classes.  www.infiniteoceans.com.


Allergies and Sensitivities

Some participants in these classes have sensitivities:

We do our best so that every one can have an enjoyable experience joining our classes. We kindly ask you to refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, scented hairsprays and other scents to the classes. If you commonly wear perfumes etc, your winter jacket and scarf might also carry the chemicals that could trigger an asthma attack. But don't worry, sensitive participants have their puffer handy at all time. We would appreciate if you could hang scented clothing outside of the class room if you did not realize they might be scented too. We practice in a large room that can be ventilated, so things have always worked very well. If in doubt, please still come! Thank you for your understanding.